Egnatia road tolls set for spring 2008

The first toll station on Egnatia highway is set to open next spring in Western Macedonia, Public Works Minister Giorgos Souflias announced yesterday. The level of tolls has not been determined, but will likely depend on the distance covered by each vehicle. ‘Our aim is for Egnatia to be finished by 2008 and so it will,’ Souflias confirmed. The minister added that the first station will be at Polymylos, in the section between Veria and Kozani. A total of 13 stations and 17 service stations will operate by early 2009, he added. Yiannis Rentzeperis, general director of Egnatia SA, told Kathimerini that revenues from drivers will go exclusively to maintaining and operating the 670-kilometer-long road across Northern Greece. The first signs of its use by vehicles is encouraging, officials said.