Vivartia ready for takeovers

A series of takeovers has been announced by food company Vivartia as included in the firm’s new business plan for the five-year period 2008-2012. To this end, the company is intending to pour in -800 million, almost double the amount projected a few months ago. In addition, excluding any fine likely to be imposed by the Competition Commission, Vivartia has proceeded to an upward revision of its forecasts regarding the company’s basic economic indices. More specifically, the average growth in sales in 2008-2012 is projected to increase to 20.8 percent (compared to the previous 2007-2009 projection of 8 percent). For this year specifically, the food company estimates that its turnover will rise to -1.108 billion, against the -1.011 billion of its previous projection, and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) will come to -166 million. Sales in 2008 are expected to amount to -1.452 billion and EBITDA -217 million. It is believed that return on capital would gradually rise to 19.6 percent in 2012, a year that is projected to record sales of -2.8 billion. Annual growth of profits per company share is estimated to run at 24.9 percent. Vivartia’s new business plan is envisaged to safeguard the company’s consolidated activities, with targets including to «strengthen Vivartia’s role as a consolidated organization,» placing emphasis on boosting activities in Southeastern Europe. Plans in the dining sector include the firm’s entry into the food delivery market, through a chain of stores to be established in SE European states. Furthermore, new distribution networks for frozen foods are to be utilized in Bulgaria and Romania, while plans for expansion in dairy and bakery products would be realized through a number of takeovers in foreign states. Submission of Vivartia’s new business plan is expected to facilitate the lifting of the suspension of the company’s stock, to be followed by a private placement, reported to account for 20 percent to 25 percent of the firms equity at a price higher than -25.00 per share.