One in four executives says little energy left in tank after work

One in four Greek executives does not have the energy to enjoy their personal life at the end of the working day but the majority of them are prepared to put in more hours if that will result in extra money, according to a recent survey. The research, conducted by consultants Stedima, highlighted imbalances between the work and personal lives of executives and the fact that about two-thirds of respondents would sacrifice more of their personal life to climb the corporate ladder. «The large majority… choose to sacrifice more personal time if that would mean more duties. The response was the same among men and women,» said the researchers. The respondents work an average of more than 50 hours per week with one in five spending more than 12 hours per day at the office. The survey, carried out via the Internet over a six-month period, targeted more experienced executives who occupy senior corporate positions such as that of general manager. One of the findings to emerge from the survey was the positive stance among respondents regarding how they feel about their work. Work-related stress and fatigue remain among the biggest problems but most respondents said they view their job as creative and satisfying. Those questioned are also fairly satisfied with their remuneration and happy with their supervisor, the research found. «At the same time, 42 percent cited being treated unfairly as the main reason for a negative feeling at work,» said Stedima.