Private health insurance grows 10 pct annually

Private health insurance has been growing at an annual rate of over 10 percent in recent years and will continue to expand, complementing the national health system, the CEO of Interamerican group told an event last weekend. Marking the completion of 10 years of Medisystem (Interamerican’s health insurance program), Giorgos Kotsalos added that the private health sector ought to operate based on modern-day social parameters. It should satisfy the demand for services through structured organization and controlled costs that do not ignore financial conditions. Health Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos praised Medisystem’s contribution to efforts to upgrade the quality of medical services provided to citizens. Giorgos Veliotis, Interamerican’s health director and head of Eurapco Health Business Group, highlighted key factors such as the increase in life expectancy and in long illnesses, as well as the development of medical technology, which give rise to more needs and costs that must be controlled through the proper management of insurance coverage and services provided. Other speakers focused on the situation in the private health sector relative to the needs created in today’s social and economic environment as well as in the context of the public health system. They further spoke about issues relating to the administration, organization and management of private health systems.