The secret to progress lies in ancient times, says academic

The key to success for the Greek economy and development in general lies in ancient Greece, in history and philosophy, argued the rector of the European School of Economics, Stefano D’Anna, speaking in Thessaloniki late on Wednesday. Speaking on the fringes of an event organized by the Northern Greek Industries Association (SVVE) in association with the Greek-Italian Chamber of Thessaloniki, D’Anna stressed that «Greeks must return to the times that made them popular around the planet; only when they rediscover their roots and identity will their country become the beacon of the world,» he said. «Greeks have the privilege of a treasure, their history and philosophy, which no one else possesses; however they do not make the most of it,» he added. The Italian academic explained that «the best product for each country is that of leaders; Greece used to be the master at this at one time and stood out, but now it is nowhere to be found.» During the event D’Anna spoke about «the economy as the art of dreaming» and about «the longevity of enterprises.» SVVE executive vice president Yiannis Stavrou opened the event, suggesting among other things that D’Anna’s book titled «The School of Gods» contributes toward expanding everyone’s horizons. It offers people the opportunity to focus on new values and ways of thinking.