New OTE attack on regulator

OTE telecom had a second straight year of progress, despite the alleged hampering of the company by the telecommunications regulator, and will give its shareholders a dividend of 0.75 euros per share, its president and chief executive Panagis Vourloumis told the telecom’s annual general meeting yesterday. He attacked the National Commission for Telecommunications and Post (EETT), saying that its inability to understand OTE’s needs in the more competitive environment of the liberalized telecom market is hurting the company. He added that OTE focused last year on promoting and expanding its broadband network and estimated that within the next few years Greece will span the digital gap that presently separates it from the rest of Europe. Vourloumis also called the agreement with Deutsche Telekom for a sale of a stake and joint management a positive development and announced that OTE will start offering digital cable television this year.