Digital gap with the EU remains

Despite the considerable growth in broadband Internet connections in Greece last year, the country remains the laggard of Europe, along with Bulgaria, in terms of penetration. The latest E-Communications Household Survey by Eurobarometer shows penetration in Greece and Bulgaria at just 14 percent, against a European Union average of 36 percent. The same two countries also have the lowest overall Internet penetration (22 percent) in households, compared with 49 percent on average across the EU. Greece’s growth in broadband connections has not bridged the gap with the rest of the bloc, as penetration grew by 8 percent both in Greece and the EU in total. Greece also lags in computer use, with 41 percent of households against a 57 percent EU average, but not in telephony (99 percent, against an EU average of 95 percent), or in television (99 percent, compared with an EU average of 96 percent).