Computer sales are expected to top one million in 2008

Computer sales in Greece are expected to exceed the 1 million mark in 2008, according to research results made public yesterday. The research, put together by IDC, showed computer sales in the first half of the year as having reached 499,458 units. Given that the last quarter of the year is considered the strongest sales period for the sector, the 1 million computer sales milestone is seen as being attainable. Second-quarter data for 2008 shows a drop in sales of desktop computers and a rise in laptops. Figures show that 131,000 laptops were sold between April to June, a 47 percent year-on-year rise in comparison with the same period a year earlier. A government program partially funding the cost of acquiring a laptop computer is seen as helping to stimulate demand in the sector among students. The program offers university students a grant of up to 500 euros. Hewlett-Packard currently holds the largest chunk of the industry in Greece, with a 20.9 percent market share, followed by Acer and Toshiba, which each hold 13.3 percent and 12 percent market shares, respectively.