Fuel trading inspections increase

Teams of inspectors have stepped up the monitoring of fuel trading companies and gasoline stations as of yesterday. The Development Ministry aims to prevent cases of profiteering in the market as the exodus of traffic from towns and cities to the countryside culminates this weekend. Minister Christos Folias met this week with the heads of the Fuel Trading Companies Association (SEEPE) and asked them to contain prices. «The meeting was useful. The representatives of the fuel trading firms said they are willing to cooperate with the great effort being made by the government and the ministry for the sound operation of the fuel market to the benefit of consumers. I informed them that in view of the major exodus for the August vacations and given the decline in international oil prices, the checks are becoming more stringent,» said Folias. Fuel prices will be more closely monitored, he said: «There is no more margin for playing with citizens.» The inspectors will focus in particular on gasoline stations along national highways and on the islands, where unleaded gasoline prices are considerably higher than the countrywide average.