Draw held to allocate Ano Liosia homes

Employment and Social Security Minister Fani Palli-Petralia took part in the draw that allocates homes from OEK, the Workers’ Housing Organization, to candidates. The names of 54 candidates were drawn for homes in Ano Liosia, northwestern Athens. In early October, OEK drew candidate’s names for another 87 properties in Iraklion and Lasithi on Crete. Petralia, whose ministry also oversees the country’s social security system, is keeping a close eye on state-controlled pension funds, a number of which are in financial strife. Some 15,000 people are believed to be waiting for TPDY, a public servants’ social security fund, to pay them a lump-sum pension payment. However, TPDY is in a position to satisfy only 50 of these applications.