Campaign against tax evasion

The government is launching an information campaign to raise awareness about and discourage tax evasion, Finance Minister Giorgos Alogoskoufis announced on Friday at a meeting of the National Council against Tax Evasion. The minister said that the problem is a chronic one and that a long-term effort would be needed to awaken the social conscience of citizens. «This campaign is a key component of the effort we are making and complements our previous measures to stamp out tax evasion,» he said. Alogoskoufis listened to the proposals of council members regarding the implementation of a proposed «presumptive taxation» system to assess tax liability using indirect means. Property owners, car importers, boat manufacturers and other interested parties submitted their proposals, but Alogoskoufis revealed very little about the government’s intentions regarding the system. He said only that the proposals are very close to the ministry’s planning.