METKA warning on tender

Listed construction company METKA, which focuses on power installations, has warned against a fresh tender for a new electricity plant at Megalopoli in the Peloponnese. The candidate contractor highlighted the serious losses that Public Power Corporation (PPC) is incurring on a daily basis and opposes the views of the PPC union, which has called for a new tender «due to fears of a possible delay in the natural gas pipeline.» Plans foresee a new, fifth power plant at Megalopoli operating on natural gas but its tender has been in progress for over 14 months now. METKA argued that the this is costing PPC 400,000 euros per day due to the higher price of coal, which is currently used in Megalopoli. The possible launch of a new tender process would mean a delay of a further 18 months and additional problems for PPC. Also yesterday, the mayor of Megalopoli stressed he is in favor of the new plant but warned that PPC «will find us opposed to any effort to install a nuclear power station.»