Support offered to new jobless

Employment and Social Security Minister Fani Palli-Petralia agreed to support the 700 people who lost their jobs earlier this week when the Aspis insurance company was shut down, promising extra benefits and help in getting other jobs. The country’s insurance regulator revoked the license of five insurance firms on Monday due to their failure to meet liquidity requirements, with two of the largest companies belonging to the Aspis group. «We will exhaust the ministry’s abilities,» said the minister after meeting with the Association of Insurance Companies Greece. The ministry will put together a team in the next few days to specify the measures, which will include offering an extra payment to those who had not been paid salaries in the last few months. Other benefits will provide unemployed workers with a higher subsidy to help start up a business. It is not clear whether the ministry will provide the same benefits should there be a change in government after the October 4 elections.