Clunkers plan set to start today

Car scrapyards are now ready to accept the old cars whose owners can benefit from the vehicle-withdrawal process the government is officially launching today. Car owners can contact the nearest of the 81 vehicle recycling centers across Greece and arrange for an appointment by calling the Alternative Vehicle Handling offices in Greece on 210.689.9039 in order to avoid any hassle. Owners can turn in their vehicle (up to 3.5 tons), and the recycling center will undertake all the paperwork; within eight days, they will mail owners a certificate that they can take to their local tax office to collect compensation in the range of between 500 and 2,200 euros. Then anyone who wishes to purchase a new more environmentally friendly car (classified as Euro 4 or Euro 5) is entitled to another 1,000 euros through their local tax office by using a certificate issued by their prefectural authority upon the issuance of the car’s registration.