More deregulation

BRUSSELS – The European Commission has expressed satisfaction with the deregulation of the energy market in Greece to date, noting that success in the incorporation of Community law into Greek legislation regarding the European electricity market to date must be followed by further progress. ‘Satisfied, in principle’ Replying to a question by New Democracy party Euro-MP Costas Hatzidakis, Energy Commissioner Loyola de Palacio said, «The Commission is in principle satisfied with implementation of Directive 92/96.» She noted, nevertheless, that this implementation cannot on its own signal the full deregulation of the Greek market, as in several other member states. The Commission is anxious to promote 12 key projects for the single electricity market, one of which concerns improvements in the connections of the Public Power Corporation’s grid with Balkan networks. The Commission has doubled the subsidy from 10 to 20 percent of the cost of the project. Key role In the same context, the Commission has drawn up a comprehensive plan for the creation of a regional electricity market in the Balkans, with Greece «playing the key role,» Palacio said. She added that the full operation of this market will «lead to an increase in exchanges of electric power between the countries of the region, further boosting Greece’s energy self-sufficiency.»