PPC to invest 1.8 bln euros and hire workers

Public Power Corporation (PPC) is planning to make investments of 1.8 billion euros in western Macedonia by 2015 and hire 1,600 employees by the year’s end, the listed power company’s chairman and chief executive officer, Arthouros Zervos, announced yesterday. Addressing a two-day event at Ptolemaida, northwestern Greece, Zervos confirmed plans for the construction of two lignite-powered plants at the Macedonian town and the village of Meliti in the next five years. He added that the hiring of 400 workers is being completed and another 1,200 will have been hired by the end of the year. Next year PPC expects to hire 400 more people. Zervos went on to dismiss any talk of the sale of the state’s stake in the company or of any of PPC’s power units. The state holds a 51 percent stake in the country’s biggest electricity producer.