Reppas issues warning against the derailment of OSE

Infrastructure Minister Dimitris Reppas warned yesterday that «the long-suffering Hellenic Railways Organization [OSE] should not have the same fate as Olympic Airways,» suggesting that a streamlining plan for the organization is essential, in his meeting with the board of the Panhellenic Federation of Railway Employees. «Unfortunately OSE has systematically been devalued, especially in the last few years, resulting in its total debts soaring from 3.5 billion euros in 2004 to 10 billion euros today,» said Reppas, firing a shot at the previous government. The infrastructure minister added that the state has to ensure that OSE serves real social and productive needs in the context of public interest and that the right of its employees to work is safeguarded. «We all have to cooperate to make a streamlining program for OSE succeed, and everyone recognizes that. «Otherwise, without the changes needed, the course of OSE is destined to be tragic,» Reppas said.