Property developer upbeat about potential of central Athens

A significant number of Greeks are returning to live in central areas in Athens, such as Patission Street (pictured), due to its solid infrastructure, said Theodore Charagionis, executive chairman of property developer group Charagionis, yesterday. The area, which has drawn a large number of Athens’s immigrants in recent years, offers benefits such as close proximity to the National Archaeological Museum and views of the Acropolis, added Charagionis. ‘Patission Street has gone through its difficult phase; there are significant changes taking place,’ he told reporters. The developer expects to start operating in early November a 45-million-euro complex in the area, called Athenian Capitol. It will accommodate about 30 retail stores and 10 cafes and restaurants. It will also house the Hellenic Motor Museum, which will consist of some 250 cars donated by the group’s owner.