Greeks have little enthusiasm for e-shopping

Consumers in Greece are reluctant to take advantage of online shopping services despite the growing use of the Internet in the country, according to the Observatory for the Greek Information Society. One in 10 Greeks makes purchases over the Internet, versus an average of 37 percent in the European Union as a whole, according to the nonprofit organization. Internet banking has also been slow to take off in Greece, with just one in 20 conducting transactions electronically. Domestic consumers are also more distrustful of the consumer groups and state bodies that have been set up to protect shoppers and their rights than elsewhere in Europe. The observatory said that four in 10 Greeks are satisfied with the way independant groups protect consumers, versus 64 percent in the European Union. More than 50 percent of Greeks say they have no faith in government agencies to protect their consumer rights, as opposed to four in 10 in the EU.