Draft bill for compensation of tourists tabled

General Secretary for Tourism Giorgos Poussaios is seen here in Guangzhou, southern China, along with some young Chinese friends earlier this week. Poussaios visited China to discuss ways of boosting tourism between the two nations with local officials. Meanwhile, the Culture and Tourism Ministry submitted to Parliament yesterday a draft bill to compensate tourists stranded in the country. Tourists stuck in Greece due to strike action or the occurrence of a natural disaster will qualify for a payment of 50 euros per diem from the Greek state, for a maximum of two days. The daily fee is intended to cover a day’s accommodation and food expenses. Once passed, the draft bill will provide tourists with the right to compensation retroactively from June 28, 2010, until the end of September. The government office that is to handle the claims and paperwork will be decided at a later date by the ministry.