Greek olive oil climbing Bulgarian list

Greek olive oil exports to Bulgaria have increased fourfold in the last four years, the Athens News Agency reported yesterday, citing a report from Greece’s embassy in Sofia. Greek oil olive has climbed up the food preference list of Bulgarian consumers, leapfrogging its Spanish peers and rivaling Italian varieties, which are the most popular in the Balkan country, the report said. No financial details were disclosed. Prospects for Greek olive oil in Bulgaria are favorable, added the report, put together in December, supported by a growing tendency among Bulgarian consumers for healthier eating. ‘What Greek producers need to realize is that their basic competitors are Italian and secondly the Spanish. Other countries, such as Turkey, do not have our tradition in olive oil nor our variety of products,’ it said. Bulgarian cuisine, particularly in terms of salads and pies, is similiar to Greece’s, providing an opportunity for the further promotion of Greek olive oil in the neighboring market, it added.