Tourism needs fresh model and new mentality

Politicians need to change their attitude toward tourism, Nikos Angelopoulos, the head of the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE), said yesterday while introducing the group’s ‘Greek Tourism 2020’ initiative, which constitutes proposals for a new development model. ‘It is essential for the state to realize that tourism is a fundamental sector of the economy, as the public sector’s contribution to the Greek product’s competitiveness and infrastructures has always been weak,’ he said. He also called for the reinstitution of a separate ministry for tourism, which the current government had abolished when it came to power. The new model includes approaching demand through the creation of marketing structures as well as changes in mentality and organization. The minimum requirement for success is constant monitoring of the markets, while Internet marketing and the creation of strategic alliances with airlines for direct flights to Greek destinations are also essential, according to the proposals.