EPA Attica acquires gas supply contracts with four new customers

With supply deals to the Olympic Village, a hospital, a hotel and two companies, gas supply company EPA Attica appears to have finally kindled interest among the corporate sector in the use of natural gas, promoted as the environmentally friendly fuel compared to oil. EPA Attica yesterday announced one of its biggest coups, the signing of an agreement on Wednesday with the Workers Housing Organization (OEK) to supply gas for the heating and hot water systems at the Olympic Village. A total of 2,292 houses are being constructed at the Olympic Village, a 12-million-square-meter project at the foot of Mount Parnitha. The Olympic Village will be allocated to low-income groups after the Games. Consumption of natural gas for household users is estimated at 2.5 million cubic meters annually. The company also announced deals with the privately owned Errikos Dunan Hospital, the Hilton Hotel, dairy manufacturer Delta and detergent company Rolco-Vianil. The three-year agreement with Errikos Dunan will see EPA Attica supply the hospital with an estimated 800,000 cubic meters of gas yearly. The Hilton is expected to use 1.25 million cubic meters of gas annually for its kitchens, heating and hot water systems. The agreement is for three years, with the gas expected to start flowing in December. The three-year contract with Rolco-Vianil is for 1.3 million cubic meters of gas annually, while Delta has signed up for 3.6 million cubic meters yearly for the next two years. A total of 650,000 households in Attica are expected to turn to natural gas in the future, with yearly sales forecast at 1.1 billion cubic meters. EPA Attica is 51 percent owned by gas company DEPA and 49 percent owned by Cinergy/Shell.