Eurasia Group: ND heading for outright majority in elections


Greece's main opposition New Democracy will probably achieve an outright majority in the general elections which will be held on July 7, according to a note by political risk consultancy Eurasia Group, issued on Wednesday.

“When calculating the approximate distribution of seats on a proportional, ND will achieve an absolute majority according to every poll released over the past month,” the group said in a note to clients, noting that ND performed similarly well in the European elections last month.

The factors that could affect the party's final percentage include the number of parties that will enter parliament and voter turnout, with both main contenders – ruling leftist SYRIZA and ND – focusing on convincing their supporters to go to the polls on Sunday, Eurasia Group said.

If ND fails to achieve an outright majority (151 out of 300 seats in parliament) they would have to seek a coalition with center-left Movement for Change (KINAL) or may seek a re-run of elections.