Tribute paid to bank workers on anniversary of deadly 2010 firebombing


Greek politicians from across the spectrum on Saturday paid their respects to the three bank employees who died when protesters firebombed a branch of Marfin bank in central Athens eight years ago during an anti-austerity protest at the onset of Greece’s financial crisis. “Eight years after [their] deaths, the victims’ families are waiting for those who murdered them just because they were working to be found,” conservative New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis wrote on his Twitter account. He called for a memorial to be erected at the spot. The centrist Movement of Change issued a statement, calling for “justice to be done.” “The lives that were lost in the tragedy of Marfin will be a constant reminder of what happened when division, hate speech and blind violence prevail,” it said. [Thanassis Kalliaras/Eurokinissi]