Deepening Greece-US ties are frustrating Russia

Deepening Greece-US ties are frustrating Russia

In recent years US-Greece relations have reached new heights, with officials on both sides describing them as the best ever in decades.

As Greece and the US grow closer, their cooperation is directly affecting Russia. Greece is hosting more American troops and deepening its economic ties with the US, ultimately frustrating Russia.

This heightened US presence is also making Greece an indirect part of the standoff between Russia and Western allies over Ukraine.

Journalist Nektaria Stamouli joins our host Thanos Davelis to talk about the deepening US-Greece relationship, the shift in perceptions among Greeks about the US and Russia over the last years, and how these developments are impacting Russia’s relations with Greece. 

Stamouli is a correspondent with Politico based in Athens covering Greece, Cyprus, and the Balkans.