Division of surgery fees

Fees for afternoon consultations will go into a special account at each hospital, used to pay that shift’s staff. Doctors will get 60 percent of fees and the hospital will keep 40 percent. Surgery fees will be shared as follows: Chief surgeons will get 40 percent, anesthetists 20 percent, and assistant surgeons — if used — 10 percent. Departmental directors will receive 10 percent per procedure. If they are the first surgeon they will receive 50 percent, and 20 percent if they are assisting. Imaging, nuclear medicine and radiology department fees will be shared as follows: 30 percent to the consulting doctor and 5 percent to the departmental director. Assisting doctors from a different speciality will get 10 percent of the fee. Doctors running pathology, hematology, biochemical, endocrinology and cytology labs in the afternoon will get 30 percent of the fee. The nurses, technical and other staff will each receive 10 euros (3,407 drachmas) per hour from the sum that goes to the hospital.