Ten myths that have stood the test of time

1. Saturdays are not the best time to hit the stores. Don’t forget that during sales, there is no scope for redressing mistakes once you have paid for them. Don’t think you can change your mind later. 2. For the best bargains, you have to have strong nerves and be in good form to be able to bend over and rummage around in large baskets stuffed with clothes. Expect to strain a muscle or two. 3. They say that even in the sales, it’s possible to make over your image, to ferret out hidden treasures. One wonders how, in all the pushing and shoving. 4. They say very few women can really sniff out a bargain and that men couldn’t care less. Both are untrue. 5. To find a real bargain is an art form. You have to be able to recognize the unwritten laws and have good instincts. 6. Red is a favorite color during the sales, turning customers into raging bulls. 7. Don’t be gullible about price tags saying something has been reduced from 500 to «only» 350 euros, unless you had actually seen the price before the sales. 8. «I need new shoes» is also a myth. We don’t really need anything. What needs boosting is our morale. 9. «It really flatters you!» If you can’t recognize your own image in the mirror, then why should a saleswoman? Just smile and try on something else. 10. In Britain, during the sales, people almost sleep in the streets. In New York, women have been seen wearing leotards under their coats. As soon as they see something they like they throw off their coat and try it on, without wasting any time in the changing rooms.

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