Trouble brews over EU meet

Fearing embarrassing riots at the beginning of its European Union presidency by Greece’s vociferous anti-globalization lobby during a forthcoming EU meeting in a historic Peloponnesian town, the government yesterday issued an appeal to parties and political groups to behave «in a democratic and responsible manner.» Labor Minister Dimitris Reppas said citizens should be encouraged to participate in developments, but stressed that any protesters at the January 23-24 informal meeting of EU labor ministers in Nafplion «must advance their positions in a democratic and responsible manner and show respect for the town and our fellow citizens.» However, the Greek branches of the Genoa 2001 anti-globalization group and the European Social Forum yesterday called for a mass peace protest on January 24, and a march toward the conference venue. «Jobs and workers’ rights are being sacrificed for the sake of the forthcoming imperialist war on Iraq,» the groups said in a statement.