Three in prison drug delivery

Three people have been arrested for trying to smuggle heroin into Greece’s biggest prison, in a crackdown on the jail narcotics trade following the deaths of three female inmates after a New Year’s Eve drug and alcohol party. Police yesterday said Chryssoula Tsorva, 22, Xanthoula Drogitou, 21 and Panayiotis Intzecostas, 23, tried to pass 45 grams of heroin during visiting hours on Thursday to Tsorva’s brother Thanassis, 30, and his fellow inmate in Korydallos Prison Dimitris Roussos, 38. The white powder was hidden in the sole of one of a pair of shoes destined for the prisoners. All five have been charged with drug smuggling. After the New Year’s Eve deaths – due to a cocktail of heroin, anti-depressants and alcohol – the government strenuously denied the existence of drug smuggling rings in Korydallos. It then sacked the governor and deputy governor of the women’s wing, where many of the November 17 terrorist suspects are held in a separate section. Last Saturday, another four Korydallos female prisoners had to be hospitalized following drug use.