Cold front brings snow to Western Macedonia


Several regions of Western Macedonia in northern Greece woke up to a light snowfall on Thursday morning, as a cold front moved in from northwestern Europe towards the Balkans.

The April snowfall started at dawn and stopped shortly after 9 in the morning.

The regions mainly affected were Kozani, Ptolemaida, Florina and the mountains of Kastoria, with the temperature in many parts dropping to zero degrees Celsius. The lowest temperature was recorded in the village of Vlasti in Kozani where it reached -3.

The cold front also swept through mountainous areas of Halkidiki, Imathia, Kilkis and Pella, while it was still snowing in the wider region of Thessaloniki, in districts such as Panorama, Asvestohori, Hortiatis and Sohos.

Civil Protection said no problems have been reported so far in the national and local road network.

The cold weather front is expected to last at least until Friday evening.