Stores to partially reopen in Thessaloniki, Achaia


The two new systems developed during the pandemic for the operation of retail commerce will resume in the regions of Thessaloniki and Achaia on Monday (April 12), following intense pressure from the sector which has remained closed for three months.

Deputy Civil Protection Minister Nikos Hardalias said during a regular press briefing on Friday that, in Achaia, shoppers can choose between the method curbside pickups – known as “click away” Greek – or shopping by appointment, where consumers are allowed to enter a store, see and even try on products of their choice – dubbed “click inside.”

For Thessaloniki, authorities allowed only the option of the “click-and-collect” system, taking into account the high viral load in the region.

Stores will not operate in Kozani where the pandemic shows no signs of letting up, the minister said.