Venezuela’s Guaido expresses support to Athens embassy assault and abuse victims


Eduardo Massieu Paredes, Special Presidential Envoy of the interim President of Venezuela, Juan Guaido to Greece, has released a statement by Guaido where he expresses his support to “the victims of sexual assault and labor abuse” by the former ambassador of Venezuela (whom he calls “ambassador of the regime of Venezuela”) to Greece, Franklin Gonzalez.

Guaido says says he has contacted two of the sexual assault victims and has expressed his “support and solidarity to all 5 former officials.”

“We consider that these events that were at the time consented and covered up by the administration of Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro are yet another demonstration of the criminal nature of the usurper regime, which continues to systematically violate the human rights of Venezuelans,” he adds.

Massieu Paredes has tweeted a translation of the official document in English, with commentary: