Eastertime regional travel with self-tests considered


The government is expected to announce the extension of self-testing – as already applied on Monday in schools – to other areas of economic and social life, such as retail, professional drivers, delivery workers etc by the end of the week, most likely Friday.

Kathimerini understands that the government is also drafting a plan whereby self-tests will enable movement between regions during the Easter holidays.

However, the plan is still on paper as its introduction is contingent on the course of the pandemic over the next 10 days. It foresees checks at regional exits to check that commuters have had a negative self-test up to 48 hours before. The negative certification will serve as a “passport” for people to get through toll stations. 

Another proposal, which, however, did not gain traction, suggested travel between areas that are the same color on the epidemiological map so that “clean” areas are not burdened by heavier ones.