Hospital doctor president stresses importance of vaccination during ICU update


The president of the Athens and Piraeus hospital doctors’ association (EINAP), Matina Pagoni, provided an update of the situation in the capital’s Intensive Care Units on Friday and stressed the importance of the vaccination drive by revealing that most intubated patients are unvaccinated.

“Vaccinated people do not reach an ICU,” she said during an interview with MEGA TV.

Pagoni said the situation with the capital’s ICU has been stabilized but that the number of intubated patients has not dropped at the desired rate, nor are they expected to.

Pagoni said that approximately 35% of the people who get intubated, do not make it. She explained that this high rate of mortality is behind any reduction in ICU numbers.

“If someone is placed in an ICU, his trajectory depends on his age and his underlying conditions,” she said.

However, Pagoni was optimistic that by the end of September herd immunity could reach 80%.