Attica woman found murdered in suspected burglary

Attica woman found murdered in suspected burglary

Police in Attica are investigating the apparent murder of a woman in her house in Glyka Nera, northeastern Attica, on Tuesday morning, with investigators reportedly believing the incident to be linked to a burglary.

According to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA-MPA), preliminary police reports said that the unnamed woman’s husband was found tied to a chair at the scene of the crime in their two-story home, while their one-year-old baby was also in the house.

The discovery was reportedly made by officers responding to a call of an incident at the address, though it was not clear where that call came from.

The ANA-MPA added that police have been unable to question the husband, who is in a state of shock.

Additional information has suggested the woman, identified as being aged in her early 20s, may have been strangled.