Details emerge pointing to violent burglary, murder in Glyka Nera


Details in the investigation of the suspected murder of a young woman in her home in Glyka Nera, northeast of Athens, have started to emerge and point to a violent burglary carried out by a gang in the early hours of Tuesday.

According to preliminary police reports, at least three people are believed to have been involved in the attack on the family of three. They are thought to have snuck into the two-story house through a back window, tied the husband to a chair and tracked down the wife, who was hiding in the attic. They also reportedly killed the family’s dog to stop it from alerting the neighbors.

The unnamed woman, said to have been in her early 20s, was beaten and possibly strangled to death by the burglars, who reportedly made off with 15,000 euros in cash and valuables.

The couple’s 1-year-old baby was found unharmed.