Man sentenced to life in prison over the murder of his girlfriend


A 39-year-old man accused of killing, dismembering and burning his 40-year-old drug-addicted girlfriend in 2018 was sentenced by a court in Thessaloniki on Thursday to life in prison. He also used her bank card to withdraw cash and make various small purchases.

The court unanimously found him guilty of premeditated murder in a calm state of mind, without recognizing any mitigating circumstances. He denied the killing, attributing her death to intravenous cocaine use.

However, he admitted hacking the corpse with an electric saw and a knife, throwing the body parts in a stove.

“If I could go back in time I would act differently. I should have informed authorities. I found her unconscious on the ground and tried to resuscitate her, with first aid. I panicked when I found out that she had lost her life. In my panic I cut the corpse and burned it,” he told the court.