Germany’s Europe minister Roth lays flower at Kessariani firing range


Visiting German Minister of State for Europe Michael Roth laid a flower at the firing range of Kessariani on Wednesday.

The German minister, who was welcomed by Kessariani Mayor Christos Voskopoulos, said that the historical site is “one of Greece’s most emblematic places of martyrdom during World War II.”

“This place reminds us of the horrors of World War II, the Holocaust and the terrorism of Nazism,” he observed, adding that “many belonged to the Left and were forced to endure the prison at the concentration camp in Haidari, Athens, before being brought to this place. Some were killed simply because they were Jews. The importance of fighting for one’s ideas and justice is more relevant than ever.”

Mayor Voskopoulos, who gave the German minister a tour of the site, underlined the significance of the visit and called it “an event bringing hope”, stressing that “we can use history to move towards a better future.”