Suspects in major drug racket to face prosecutor


Four men accused of being part of a racket that dealt large quantities of drugs in Athens and on the holiday island of Mykonos are to testify to a prosecutor Monday after their arrest on Friday.

Three of the suspects, Albanian nationals, are thought to have been part of the chain bringing drugs into Greece from the Netherlands to Athens and on to Mykonos, where they were distributed by the fourth, a Polish man with a business there.

The gang is thought to be responsible for a shipment of 300 kilograms of cocaine intercepted in the port city of Thessaloniki in January and a shooting at a bar in southern Athens in 2017.

The intended victim of that shooting, a 43-year-old Albanian national, is considered to be a key player in the racket. He had been sentenced to 47 years in a Greek prison for drug dealing and attempted murder against police but was released in 2015. He was apprehended in an undercover operation in April.