Church seeks to debunk conspiracy theories circulating in congregation


Church of Greece spokesman Bishop Athinagoras said on Thursday that conspiracy theories are circulating within the church and its flock about microchips, barcodes and the number 666, suggesting a plan to control the population. 

Speaking to SKAI TV ahead of a circular that will be read out on Sunday at churches around the country in favor of vaccinations, Athinagoras said the concerns of the flock were conveyed by senior clergymen to the infectious disease specialist Sotiris Tsiodras, “who answered them all in good spirit and simple language without many scientific terms.” 

To allay these concerns, Athinagoras said a brochure will also be distributed on Sunday to churchgoers with 12 questions and answers about vaccines. 

“Christians should not worry as from the moment they are baptized and anointed no chip can control them,” he said, adding that the vaccination circular which will be read out in churches “will point out that science and medicine are a gift from God to man.”