Fire Service orders evacuation of Peloponnese villages as precautionary measure


Villages in the northeastern Peloponnese have been evacuated following the fire that broke out in the area early on Wednesday.

The fire continued to rage by early evening. 

The Fire Service ordered the evacuation of the villages of Drosia and Pteri, both in Achea, as a precautionary measure.

Residents in two other settlements, Trivoga and Christopouleika, have been told to be ready to evacuate their homes if necessary. 

Thirty-fire engines with a 95-member crew, three ground teams, six firefighting aircraft, including a Beriev-200, and two water-dropping helicopters are attending the blaze.

In the same prefecture, firefighters have also ordered the evacuation of the Souli and Ryaki settlements near the village of Elekistra, on the outskirts of Patras.

The Elekistra blaze, which is in a commercial forest, is being attended by 35 firefighters in 16 tenders as well as four aircraft and five helicopters.

A Roma camp in Riganokampos has also been evacuated, while police have closed the Patras ring road.