More than 60 percent of population fully vaccinated


More than 5.8 million adults (65.1% of the total population) have had at least one dose of the vaccine against the coronavirus or made their first appointment, while 61.1% of adults have completed their inoculation, according to Minister to the Prime Minister’s Office Akis Skertsos.

Skertsos said the impact of vaccination on public health is pivotal given the fact “we are faced with a far more aggressive variant of the coronavirus which is up to 100% more contagious than the original version and that the economy and society are operating without a lockdown.”

“With these vaccination data, the pressure on the health system is so far 3-4 times less than that in previous waves when we had a corresponding number of cases and were forced to impose horizontal restrictive measures on movement precisely because we did not have the vaccination, and the extensive testing that is taking place today,” he stressed.