Local church dismisses anti-vax rally with humor


Bishop Ieronymos of Larissa has received plaudits for his humorous response to anti-vaxxers protesting against his agreement with health authorities to install mobile vaccination units outside his church on Sundays.

In an announcement, his church described the demonstration as “a pan-Thessalian / pan-Hellenic gathering of 48 (!!!) anti-vaxxers outside the offices of the Holy Metropolis of Larissa and Tyrnavos, who protested against its initiative to facilitate our fellow human beings in their shielding against the pandemic.” It concluded with a call to “dear protesters” to get vaccinated.

Ieronymos told Kathimerini that the “diocese respects all views; however, it must respond with counterarguments, depending on the content of the arguments.” He said, “The reactionaries criticized those in favor of the vaccine as Masons.”

The church’s statement said neither Ieronymos or other clergymen “know such people (Masons).”