Hellenic Open University awards scholarships to 17 young people from marginalised groups


Seventeen young people from vulnerable social groups, such as Roma, homeless people living in shelters or people who spent time as children in care, were awarded scholarships to study at the Hellenic Open University.

The scholarships are the result of a cooperation agreement between the university and the General Secretariat of Social Solidarity and Combating Poverty

The scholarship winners were selected after a draw held on Friday, in the presence of Labor and Social Affairs Minister Kostis Hatzidakis, Secretary General of Social Solidarity and Combating Poverty Giorgos Stamadis and Efstathiou Efstathopoulos, vice president of academic affairs and student welfare of the Hellenic Open University.

“Education is a fundamental individual right, but also a key tool for tackling social exclusion and poverty experienced by people belonging to vulnerable groups of the population. It is therefore our duty to ensure access to higher education for our fellow citizens who are at a disadvantage,” Stamadis said.

“By eliminating social inequalities and supporting their right to education, we give them the opportunity to develop their skills, personal, social and professional well-being and improve their standard of living,” he added, thanking the Hellenic Open University.