Anti-vaxxers spreading fake news about science


As Greece struggles to get its vaccination rate above 60%, an anti-vax group calling itself “Indigenous Greeks” is challenging science while lobbying against state legislation on requirements for attending public schools.

A 30-minute video posted on Facebook on August 23, a mix of misinformation, conspiracy theories and nationalist rhetoric, has racked up about 7,000 hits. The speakers challenge the mandate of the country’s political representatives and state institutions, while urging people to disobey Covid rules.

“We rule this country, we own this land,” one of them claims in the video.

Members of the group embrace QAnon conspiracy theories. Some are believed to have ties to Artemis Sorras, the founder of the ultra-nationalist fringe movement Convention of Greeks, who is serving a six-year prison sentence for attempting to defraud the state. They deny the allegation.