Dendias: MPs do not have luxury of voting down French arms deal


The strategic Greek-French defense agreement deserves the unanimous support of all parties in Parliament as “the aggressiveness of our neighboring country does not allow MPs the luxury of voting it down,” Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Dendias told MPs on Tuesday.

Speaking to Parliament’s Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee before a plenary vote to ratify the deal, Dendias called on opposition parties not to underestimate the agreement or or to think of it simply as a treaty to procure warships.

“Remember that Greece has bought very powerful armament systems from France in the past, but it never managed to sign such a treaty with such a powerful country – the only nuclear power in the European Union, and the only EU country to hold a permanent seat in the UN Security Council,” he said.

“The signing of this agreement is a massive national success,” he noted, citing foreign press reviews and Turkish government reactions.