Greeks deem France to be friendliest country to Greece, poll finds


France is deemed the friendliest country to Greece, an opinion poll published on Tuesday has found.

The Marc poll for private broadcaster Antenna found that 70.2% of respondents believed France was friendly to Greece, putting it more than 34 percentage points ahead of the US, which was deemed friendly by 35.9 percent.

In third place was Russia (19%), followed by Saudi Arabia (14.2%) and China (10.3%).

In single digits were the UK (10.3%) and Germany (4%).

The same poll found a slight majority of the public welcomed the government’s decision to hold the October 28 parades to mark Greece’s entry into World War II.

Accordingly, 57.4% considered the relevant decision “correct or rather correct,” while 37.7% answered that it is “wrong and rather wrong.”

The decision to hold the parades was approved by 53.2% of the vaccinated and 80.7% of the unvaccinated respondents.