Anti-establishment group gather outside Education Minister’s home


Members of the Rouvikonas anti-establishment group gathered in the early hours of Sunday morning outside the home of Education Minister Niki Kerameus. According to information from the scene, they chanted slogans and spread pamphlets and flyers.

“Antidemocratic practices by people who cover their faces do not intimidate us. Education is changing. As demanded by society and as our children and educators deserve. We move onwards,” stated Kerameus in a message uploaded to social media.

“Rouvikonas thugs threw flyers and shouted slogans outside the house of Education Minister Niki Kerameus. In her home, where she lives with her family and children. We expect the condemnation of this fascist act by everyone,” said government spokesperson Yiannis Oikonomou.

In the past, members of the Rouvikonas group have attacked the minister’s office, graffitiing slogans on the facade and throwing black paint on the door.