Covid vaccine: 2 in 10 remain hesitant or resistant, poll finds


Over four in five Greeks say they have received or will receive the Covid-19 vaccine, according to the latest Focus Bari/YouGov nationwide opinion poll, published on Wednesday.

The poll also found that 11% state that they remain vaccine hesitant or have yet to decide while 8% state that they are opposed to the vaccine.

Vaccine hesitancy is stronger among younger people (18-44 years), while those opposed to the vaccine appear in similar percentages across all age groups.

The percentage of those who reject the vaccine has declined continuously from 20% in January-February 2021, to 15% in April, 13% in June and 8% in October.

Similarly, the percentage of those who are vaccine hesitant shrank from 43% in February to 31% in April, 20% in June and 8% in October.

Women are more hesitant (13%) than men (9%) and are also slightly more likely to reject the vaccine (8% compared to 7%).

Thessaloniki has more people who are vaccine hesitant or reject vaccines (20%) than Attica (15%), which includes Athens.

The poll was conducted in October on a sample of 635 Greeks aged 18-74. [AMNA]